ORIGINS of the group

The original Proposal to form a COFA Retirees and Friends group was circulated to several existing CofA employees and retirees to gauge their interest. With the positive and encouraging responses and suggestions, the decision was made to proceed with the formation of the group’s website, which has effectively ‘overtaken’ the original Proposal, a copy of which appears below. Please note the objectives expressed in the Proposal are still valid and members are encouraged to complete the Survey questions in the Proposal and submit them to the Admin Team.

 PROPOSAL to form an organisation of CofA Retirees and Friends 

 After some 65 (?) years of Caterpillar of Australia’s operation, a wealth of history and memories have been accumulated by many people, and retirees in particular; however there has been no formal way in which this history has been collected, preserved and recorded for retirees and others to celebrate, enjoy and learn from. Also, there have been no activities organised specifically for retirees who may wish to continue active relationships with other retirees or ex-work colleagues or contacts. 

Suggested aims of a Retirees & Friends group: 

a.      Organise visits, meetings, and various social activities of interest. 

b.     Produce and circulate regular newsletters. 

c.      Establish a heritage centre where artefacts and records (including photographs) can be preserved and made available for display or other purposes such as sharing with new Caterpillar or Dealer employees or others. 

d.     Promote the group and open membership to friends of Caterpillar who could include past and current Caterpillar employees or their family members, employees or retirees of current or past CofA dealers, current or past Cat product owners, and friends from the general community. 

Could you please indicate your interest in the formation of such a group by completing the attached SURVEY (see reverse page) and returning to one of the proponents listed below: 

Steve Kohut 9306.0697    0413 912 057
Kathy Szadovszky
Peter Ward 9953.9469 9338.9021 0412 985 412
Victor Klymenko 9953.9341   0402 154 862
Doug Long 9469.4490

08/09 UPDATE: … PLEASE NOTE: A CofA Retirees & Friends website has been created at:

 Please visit the website and post/upload photos, data, comments, or questions for the website ‘Admin’ team or the CofA Retirees & Friends community.

 If you have material incl photos for the website, but do not have web access to post/upload directly yourself, please contact Peter Ward per details in above table, or by mail c/o CofA, PMB 4, Tullamarine. Vic 3043. 

SURVEY re Proposal to form a CofA Retirees and Friends group: 

Q1. Do you agree the formation of a Caterpillar Retirees & Friends group is a good idea? 

Q2. Would you be willing to attend a meeting to consider the formation of such a group? … [Note: The main aims of such a meeting would be to report on SURVEY findings, determine if there was sufficient interest to proceed with formation of the proposed group, form an interim committee who would develop a draft Constitution and Rules and determine actions required to complete the formation of such a group.] 

Q3. Would you be likely to join such a group? 

Q4. Would you be willing to assist with organising and running the activities of the group? 

Q5. Do you have any items that you would be likely to donate to the group assuming the items would be cared for and used appropriately by the group? 

Q6. Please provide any extra comments or suggestions for activities for the proposed Retirees and Friends group:

Q7. Would you like to be informed about the outcome of this proposal? __ Y/ N __ 

Q8. Are you happy to have your EMAIL ADDRESS (per below details) shown in cc’s of emails sent to members of the group? ___ Y/N ___ … …  [If No, you will be included in the bcc’s of emails] 


NAME: _______________________________ 

MAIL ADDRESS: __________________________________

Ph# Day: ________, Evening: ________, Mob: ___________

EMAIL ADDRESS: _______________________________


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