Group Photos

Kent T. & others at Taylor's Arm 2009

John, Manny, Kathy, Peter, John
John K, Manny, Kathy, Peter, John S at John K’s farewell 2006


Part & Serv Mktg 1975

Part & Serv Mktg 1975 - L to R: Kevin B, Kevin B, Sam C, Terry H, Ron W, Scott W, Chloe G, Ken McK, Ross N, Frank W, Richard O'Sh.


4 Responses to “Group Photos”

  1. Kent Thompson Says:

    Hi Peter – this is a good initiative .
    Recently Dee ( my wife ) and I enjoyed a week of golf in Coffs Harbour with Noel and Terrie McKay ,Peter and Geni Brewster and Ray and Helen Fraser plus a special guest Robyn and Paul Knox ( the infamous sales Mger for Waugh and Josephson.)The week was obviously one of many memories ,good food and good company with the plan is to do it agin next year . I have sent you via email a photo taken at Taylor’s Arm – the location made famous by Slim Dusty

  2. Dave Hohaus Says:

    Kent, Peter B. Rooster, Noel, Paul Knox! names from the past.
    Dave Hohaus

  3. Dave Hohaus Says:

    Dead Forum?

    • peteriward Says:

      Dave, … we are still in infancy stage in terms of volunteers to “run” / admin the site. There has been a dearth of great news or other things to post, etc. Longer term, we’re hoping for official Cat buy-in (possibly with ‘paid’ administration help). In meantime the 12E Grader restoration project is continuing. NOTE: Apart from website, we send out emails occasionally to a CofARetirees mail list – Would you like to be included in that email list? and if so, would you like your email address to show in the small group of visible CC recipients?
      … please reply to, thanks for your interest, peter ward, June 1, 2013

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