Queensland  FLOODS : Caterpillar  Foundation  Response (26Jan2011) –  In response to the recent disastrous floods in Queensland, the Caterpillar Foundation has launched the Australia Flood Relief Fund. In addition to an initial US$100,000 donation, the Foundation will match up to US$100,000 donations made to the Fund by Cat and Dealer employees and retirees. PLEASE NOTE: This matching donation commitment EXPIRES midnight Feb. 28, 2011 (extended from previously advised Feb. 13).    … Donations to the Australia Flood Relief Fund are to be made via credit or debit card on the following website: … … Amongst details to be entered when making a donation to the Fund are the following:-   …  – Employee ID number (retirees to use their Employee ID number from before retirement).  …  – Company details (as before retirement, with Caterpillar of Australia address being 1 Caterpillar Drive, Tullamarine, Victoria, Australia, 3043).

VALE  Peter John Foxall – May 2010 (20Sep2010) – … please see page with Foxall family message and photo at RH side …

What’s New Dec 1 – Dec. 28, 2009: … Dec. 28 – Farewells from Marina Rietman and Roger Davey – See Marina and Roger’s retirement messages under NEWS  NEWS  NEWS.

Dec. 21 – Comment from “Woody”, and the following fun Christmas greeting from the “Bana…’s”:- 
Hi dear friends . We wish you a Marry Christmas and Happy New Year !…  
Dec. 18 – Comments posted from Stan Knowles and Kent Thompson (also see pic in Group Photos), and Page added for “Thiess Bros Photo Display” (per email sent Dec. 16). 
Dec. 2 – See NEWS  NEWS  NEWS regarding arrangements for the traditional Christmas lunch at CofA, Tullamarine. 
Dec.1 – 1) WHAT’S  NEW  Post created to immediately alert members / site visitors to new material or changes to organisation of material. 
Dec. 1 – 2) New Comment from Mike Cunningham 29-11-09. 
Dec. 1 – 3) ARCHIVES created for old Posts and Comments to be ‘filed’ away.

>>>>> Responses from retirees and friends – Oct 12, 2009

There have been many responses including those posted on this website and published already. Others include the following:- (updated 22Oct2009Dave Roberts called again, so below entry was updated, also Alan Hodgson points were updated from Graham Winnett‘s input)

Alan Hodgson: Alan resides  in Macleod and indicated his interest in helping document early COFA history during a phone call to Peter Ward. Other points Alan made were:-   …   – CofA started out in Stokoe Motors bldg in Exhibition St in 1955.    …   – No. 1 employee was Eric Mollison, No. 2 Ken McDowell, No. 3 – Alan, himself.    …   – From the city, CofA “operations” ( parts warehousing and grader manufacturing ) went to Steelweld, before finally moving, with “offices”, to Tullamarine in 1960.    …   We are now planning to visit Alan to record “Alan’s CofA story” more fully (Alan is not  ‘elec-connected’). 

 Dennis Puddefoot: … very pleased to receive the HR mailout, now 94-year young and looks forward to more contact from his friends from the CARF (CofA Retirees & Friends) community.

Josef (Joe) Salik: … “too late!” was Joe’s immediate response, now being over 83 and not ‘elec-connected’. We re-assured Joe we would try to involve ‘non-elec-connected’ members as much as possible. Joe resides in Tullamarine.

Fred Bastiaan: … not ‘elec-connected’ but would like to participate. Fred resides in St Albans.

Dave Roberts: Dave would like to keep in touch but is not ‘elec-connected’. Dave resides in Keilor Downs.

? Iska Nevaoskas ?: Iska(?) left a phone msg but no contact details – again, could anyone with contact info for Iska(?) please let us know – we are uncertain about the correct spelling of Iska’s name?

 PLEASE let us have your RESPONSE or COMMENTS to further our objectives, AND PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD amongst CofA friends who may not already be aware of the CofA Retirees and Friends group and its website.



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