VALE  Peter John Foxall, May 2010” (20Sep2010) … A follow-up Thank You recently received at CofA from the Foxall family including photo of Pete … Peter Foxall – Pic & Thanks

Graham Woodrow’s STORY” … Please see Stories and Anecdotes page for the ‘report’ Graham mentioned in his Sept. 25, 2009 Comment.

Thiess Bros Photo Display” … Per email sent 16Dec2009 RE: THIESS BROS photographic display at the National Library: … [… thanks to *Laurie Kellam* for this information …]   …  The National Library of Australia have until end Feb. 2010 a display of photos donated by Thiess Bros, who were CofA’s largest customer in 1950s through to mid 70s.
All dealers sold to them, particularly Hastings Deering. Most old timers would have had some, or much, involvement with at least one of the 5 brothers who were active in the business. The following NLA \ Thiess display link covers all the photos held by NLA…..more than the 50 odd on show currently:-  …  …  … rgds, peter ward, on behalf of the *CARF* (CofA Retirees & Friends) Admin Team
[PS: Reminder to regularly check for updates on the CARF website, ,   …  also please post comments of interest or email the CARF Admin Team at:]


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