The CofA Retirees & Friends group has been formed for Caterpillar of Australia retirees and friends to keep in touch, organise activities, collect, preserve and display artefacts, photos, etc to share with others.

 Note that all ‘Friends’, including present and past Caterpillar employees and their family members,  from the global Cat Inc, Cat dealer, customer, and general communities are most welcome as members of the group and are invited to participate in its activities and to submit comments or ideas to help achieve the objectives of the CofA Retirees & Friends group.

 When posting comments, replies, or otherwise making contact with the Admin Team, please advise whether you would like your name(s) listed on the “Profiles” page and what information you would like included after your name.

 Members not having ready access to the website or who do not have an email address for notification of activities or other information of interest, can be kept informed by regular postal mailings by supplying their postal address (in confidence) to Peter Ward, c/o Caterpillar of Australia Ltd, PMB 4, Tullamarine. Vic. 3043.   … OR  by Email to the Admin Team at cofaretirees@gmail.com,   … OR by contacting one of the Admin Team (see “Contacts” page).

 … Alternatively please call Peter Ward at BusPh: 03-9953.9469 to supply contact details or seek any other information about the CofA Retirees & Friends group.

 Please directly submit questions, comments/replies in text form on the website. To upload photos or other material in digital file format (jpegs, Word documents, etc.), please email them to cofaretirees@gmail.com for posting on the website. If you have material incl photos for the website, but do not have web or email access, please contact Peter Ward, BusPh: 9953.9469 (Mob: 0414 985 412), or by mail c/o CofA, PMB 4, Tullamarine. Vic. 3043.


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