CofA Tullamarine 2009

CofA Tullamarine 2009

CofA Tullamarine 2009


7 Responses to “CofA Tullamarine 2009”

  1. Lino Bramante Says:

    G’day Peter great to be on board.
    I have lost contact with everybody at work (how quick people forget !) and I welcome the idea of launching this website to keep in touch with each other and do some social activities. I have lots of photos taken over the years which I can lend to the site for hstorical intersst (I used to take many photos around of presentations etc.)
    Keep in touch and hi to Steve K . and Victor K

    • peteriward Says:

      Thanks for the response Lino, and we look fwd to your involvement including the posting of photos on the website.

  2. Tom Frew Says:

    Just checking to see how things were developing. I have also alerted some former Cat folk of the project/

  3. Chris West Says:

    Hi Guys,

    Great idea & great work getting it going.

    Hi to Steve K & Lino B.

    Lino – I will never forget you mate. Your name comes up in conversation nearly on a daily basis. 😉


  4. Graham B Woodrow Says:

    Thank you for the Flyer. Yes, I am interested in keeping in touch although doubt that I would know many folk. I retired in 1995 after about 30+ years with Cat. We now live at Rye. Separately attached is a report I wrote some years ago to assist new retirees appreciate what retiement life is like. This may be of interest. It was written in 2005. Ofcause much water has gone under the bridge since then. Nevertheless we maintain a very active lifestyle revolving around clubs in our local community and continue to enjoy travel both within Aussie with a caravan and Overseas.

    • stan knowles Says:

      Woody….just read your post of 9/25/09 & the report you wrote back in ’05. It was good to hear that you & Oriel are doing well & traveling a lot. If you again get back to the USA anywhere close to Tucson, let us know….look forward to seeing you again.

  5. Graham Woodrow Says:

    We wish all our CofA friends a healthy 2010. We are off to Sydney for January then Merimbula in March with our Probus friends. I plan and manage our Probus Camps – usually 7 days for 60 to 70 folk with caravans and cabins. Planning a trip thru Papua New Guinea and Melanesia later in year. Christmas is the time to enjoy social gatherings with friends current and past. Although we can’t party with you, we can say Happy Chriistmas from Oriel and Graham

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